Rules and Regulations

Dear Parents

Kindly note the following Guidelines:

1) At Silver Oaks, we believe in nurturing the skills at the younger age so children should be involved more in physico-mental activities. No homework is given to the students till class II. On weekends or if the student needs extra worksheets/homework will be given.

2) Second and fourth Saturday will remain off for LKG and UKG and on the other working Saturdays the timings will be 08:00 am – 01:00 pm in Summers and 08.30 am – 01.30 pm in Winters.

3) The school is very particular about the uniformity in the school dress and the observance of hygiene. The school therefore requests the parents to ensure that their children are provided with adequate pairs of uniform and the same are properly washed andironed. Shoes should be properly polished, and socks should have adequate elastic to hold up. Students must wear the school belt and Identity card to School. Girls with long hair must come in two plaits neatly done (only blue bands/blue ribbons and simple black clips allowed). For Sikh boys, blue turban/patka must be neatly tied. Parents must also pay great attention to the hair, nails, and other aspects which the health and hygiene demand. No kajal/mehandi/accessories allowed.

4) Students must not bring any shiny objects like fancy pencil boxes, erasers, pencils etc to school as these things distract the students. Only school kit is allowed. Only school specified school bags, stationery should be brought. Name and class should be written on each and every article of the child with a permanent marker whether it is tiffin box, water bottle, school bag, hand towel, stationery, uniform etc. No fancy articles are allowed any such objects found will be confiscated and returned to parents on PTM.

5) Children should carry their lunch box, diary, mat, napkin and handkerchief daily in the school bags. They must also carry their water bottle regularly to school whether it is summer or winter season.

6) Children should bring healthy food in their tiffin. They should have vegetable daily in the tiffin. Pasta, Maggi, Chips, Kurkure, Sauce, or Pickle are not allowed.

7) The school provides I Card free of cost. In case the I Card is lost then it is remade at the cost of Rs 50/- along with an application to be submitted at the front office.

8) Authority cards will also be prepared for the children. Please sign it and send back with your wards so that the School Authority can sign them and send them back after lamination. Please keep it safe with you at home. Parents will be allowed to take back or meet their wards only when they show the authority card. In case the authority card gets lost, a written application should be submitted immediately in the office, and it will be remade after submission of Rs 50/.

9) In case the parent wants any kind of information to be issued from school on a letter head such as NOC to travel abroad, Fee certificate, Bonafide certificate etc. The charges for the certificates will be Rs 50/- per letter. Kindly submit an application in advance for the same. The letter will be issued within 3 working days

10) Parents are requested to read the contents of the school Almanac (Diary) carefully in the interest of the child and abide by the rules & regulations laid down by the school.

11) Any urgent message or any concern regarding the academics may be communicated at the school reception telephonically. Phone calls from parents for any teacher or student during the school hours will not be entertained.

12) In any case if the parents wish to discuss the progress/problem of their child with the school authorities, they can visit the school on a working Saturday between 1 pm to 2 pm. No parent will be allowed inside the school premises during working hours. In case any problem needs urgent attention a prior appointment has to be taken.

13) Parents are requested to sign the reports, test papers, teacher’s remarks in the notebooks/school almanac so that they are abreast with the progress of their child.

14) Please do not send your ward to school if he/she is unwell. A proper application or Medical Leave must be submitted in writing by the parents.

15) Late arrivals or early departures are extremely objectionable and spoils the discipline and decorum of the school. Each day is important. Few children missing from the classroom completely disrupts the teaching schedule. Please note as an appropriate deterrent children arriving late (after the first bell rings 8:05 am) may not be allowed to attend the school. For the smooth functioning of the school mid-day leaves are strongly discouraged for functions and ceremonies, please don’t request for it.

16) No student will be allowed to go home early under any circumstances. The school has proper arrangements to address minor medical concerns of the students. In case of any extreme emergency which needs medical intervention by a qualified professional parents will be informed, and the student will be allowed to go early.

17) Parents will not be allowed beyond the visitor room in the morning to drop their child. The parents should see that they are dressed decently when they come to drop off or pick up their ward from school.

18) Children wishing to celebrate their birthdays in school will be allowed to distribute only two toffees per child. No packets, sweets, chocolate, cake, gifts etc. are allowed. (Environment friendly parents can send a small sapling on the name of the child to be planted in the school). Students can come in their decent Sunday Best on the day of their birthday.

19) If the child suffers from any kind of allergies to food articles or medicine, the information should be sent in writing along with the medical certificate to the class teacher in the beginning of the session.

20) Regularity of the child is must as they have their regular evaluation and assessments in the school. Child being absent without a valid medical reason or prior information will not be evaluated or assessed later. As per CBSE norms, minimum 75% attendance is required in an academic year.

21) Leaves are allowed only for medical reasons. Leave application must be submitted to the Class In-charge.

22) Monthly calendar containing the dates of the various activities to be conducted throughout the month will be provided to you. Children will participate in activities according to it. We look forward to your cooperation for the same.

23) Any change in your address or phone number should be notified in writing to the office at the earliest.

24) Any changes required in the bus route will be done only when written application is submitted in the office. Please refrain from any kind of favours and communication with the bus driver or conductor.

25) Parents are requested to submit the following items of clothing duly named/ labelled to the respective Class In-charge of LKG- UKG:
Panty/ underwear 02, Shorts/ nicker 01 Slippers/ Sandals 01 pair T shirt / shirt 01 Face Mask 02 Table Mat & Apron 26) The school conveys important information through SMS; thus, it is important that your mobile numbers are given in the school office and whenever there is any change in mobile numbers, the same should be updated with the school office. Calling hours on the school number is 07:30 am to 03:00 pm on all the working days.