Principal's Message

Education is a lifelong journey whose destination expands as you travel – Jim Stovall.
At Silver Oaks School Bhucho, we have set sails for our new journey and I take immense pride as the captain of this ship- Welcome Aboard. With a four-fold vision of exploring, learning, developing and implementing academic and life skills, we are committed to provide the environment and opportunities conducive to holistic augmentation of each student. I believe that learning is a lifelong journey, and students need to constantly keep ahead of the curve by investing in time and efforts through quality education and unprecedented challenges, to face the ever-changing world. This quality is promised at each step by our erudite and well-trained faculty, farsighted management and dedicated staff .Imbibing values and building trust and respect within and outside student community, is certainly a prerequisite for growth and the catalyst for positive change in our society and world as a whole. With this mission as our guiding force, I am committed to marshal every effort to provide our learners with exceptional learning experiences, empower teachers to become reflective practitioners as they continue to grow professionally and build a strong parent connect to work in tandem with the extended community to achieve these objectives.


Chhaya Vinocha