Silver Oaks Curriculum


Silver Oaks Curriculum

Our curriculum is designed to provide the best possible all-round education to each of our student through a comprehensive programme. The aim is to produce inquiring, confident, open minded children who are reflective in their thinking, balanced and well-disciplined in their behaviour; and grow up to be caring and responsible persons positively engaging with society and the world.

Learning Is Fun

    ✔️ Summer Camp to nurture talent.
    ✔️ Adventure Sports Training
    ✔️ Special Classical and Contemporary Dance Training
    ✔️ Language and Vocabulary enhancement
    ✔️ Personality Development and Grooming
    ✔️ Expert Career Counselling
    ✔️ Value Education
    ✔️ Learning with modern equipments
    ✔️ Art Studio to express your imagination
    ✔️ Sandpit area for Pre-Primary Section
    ✔️ Special Workshops

House System

The House system at the Silver Oaks School is designed to connect students, teachers and staff through a common identity, cause and activity. The entire school is divided into four houses – Azad, Bhagat, Subhash and Udham. Each house consists of boys, girls and teachers. House Masters and Tutors play an important role is taking care of the children by training them for various competitions,seeing their personal hygiene and turnout, counselling and guiding them on a day to day basis. The prefectorial system is run by students of the two senior most classes of the school. Both boys and girls are given equal chance. Apart from the Head Boy, the Head Girl and the School Sports Captain, each house has a House Captain, House Prefect and a Secretary. The prefectorial system functions by rotation so that maximum children get an opportunity to handle authority and responsibility. It provides ample scope to enable them to exercise initiative,enthusiasm and leadership.