Chairman's Comminique

There is a rainbow across our heart, then the sun shines with the light of success, a ray of hope…The elusive light of success reckons with hands outstretched. We reach out for the magnificent ball of fire its brilliance unparalleled. The light has a magical aura and shines in our hands. We have clung to it with a tenacity that says,’ Come what may, we won’t let go”
Silver Oaks School is the inspiration and vision of every member of the family..We dedicate the school to the most pious of all relationships- that of the Teacher and the Taught, as that is the very base of a progressive institution. We place before you a dream, a school with a difference, a creation of the students, by the students and for the students.The school should be marching ahead hand in hand towards a vision. It should be a ‘Shared Vision’ which all share-seeing the beautiful flowers playing in the garden growing into well balanced harmonious personalities so that at the time they leave their alma matter they stand confident and strong enough to face the challenges of life. They find that they have been trained in such a way that they are not merely human encyclopedias stuffed with knowledge and information but proud students who also know how to act upon and use the knowledge positively.Knowledge will not only be their wealth, it will be their power because during their stay in schools they would have learnt how to learn, how to create, how to adopt, how to cooperate, how to work in groups and above all how to live. Intelligence being a unique human quality, they will know that they are intelligent and how best they can use their intelligence. So knowledge will become their wisdom too. Now to translate this vision into reality- Shared Vision must be collaborated with Shared Effort and Shared Responsibilities. Integrated thinking must go hand in hand, and it is in this very direction that we should be marching ahead. The whole environment of the school should have a deep feeling of compassion, love and understanding because it is only in an open and participative environment that the child’s potential will come to the surface. Real learning does not occur under any type of stress or fear as it kills the synergy of the people who work. The school, for each member of its family, should be a happy learning experience where everybody has the freedom to think, freedom to act, freedom to learn, freedom to experiment and above all freedom to express. Soar High and Touch the Sky.

Warm Regards,

Mr. InderjitBrar